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Suan-Silp Baan Din, located in the small village of Rachaburi, is an art centre nestled peacefully in a mango tree orchard.  The residences are made out of clay molding created by the famous clay sculptor, Nai Dee.  Suan-Silp Ban Din, meaning clay hut, is both a performance venue and an institute for performing arts based on Thai traditional dance, music, and folk arts.  Suan-Silp Baan Din actively preserves and develops old Thai arts, dance, literature and music.  It is supported by the Patravadi Theatre, Bangkok.  Suan-Silp Baan Din is an ideal place to observe, study, and create art in a scenic and relaxing environment.  It is also an ideal place for a weekend getaway.  Suan-Silp Ban Din is run by Manop Meejamrat, a wellknown and highly respected dancer, choreograher and director who has worked with Patravadi Theatre for many years. He had studied with many masters of Thai Classical Dance, Modern Dance, Javanese, Balinese, Butoh, and Acrobatics.Manop has won various scholarships and awards including the Best Contemporary Performer in the Year 2005 from Thai Ministry of Culture.  His work has been seen in many festivals in Europe and Asia. 

Thai Classical Dance, Mask Dance, Folk Dance, Modern Dance, Drama, Thai Music & Drums, Martial Arts, Physical Theatre, Body Movement.

Our Homestay Program is a unique opportunity to enjoy the peaceful artistic environment of Suan-Silp Baan Din in the mango orchard, engage in artistic workshops and classes, create art pieces, or just relax on the weekend and enjoy upcountry atmosphere.

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