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The Shrine of King Taksin the Great (稾ҵҡԹ) Folklore says that King Taksin the Great tied his elephant to the tree while leading the troops to Chanthaburi for retrieving the Kingdom of Siam from Burmese occupation. The shrine houses a statue of King Taksin the Great.

Aquarium Rayong Aquarium, Rayong
A large aquarium with a tunnel allows visitors to see various beautiful fish as well as economic-rel...
The Sopha Arboretum, Rayong The Sopha Arboretum, Rayong
The extensive grounds located near the entrance to Ban Phe, just about 200 meters off Highway No.3 a...
Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Herbal Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Herbal Ga..., Rayong
The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhon Herbal Garden is located within the grounds of the Petroleum Auth...
Ko Samet, Rayong Ko Samet, Rayong
A favorite get-away island for Bangkokians, Ko Samet offers extensive pristine beaches with clean wh...
Wat Pa Pradu, Rayong Wat Pa Pradu, Rayong
Also dubbed "Wat Lum Market by the locals, the temple is located next to a market which offers inte...
Suan Si Mueang, Rayong Suan Si Mueang, Rayong
Dubbed as "Ko Klang" by the locals, Suan Sri Muang is a public park and health center.
Hat Mae Ramphueng, Rayong Hat Mae Ramphueng, Rayong
This 12-kilometre stretch of white sandy beach is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery while swimmin...
Hat Laem Charoen, Rayong Hat Laem Charoen, Rayong
This beach is located 5 kilometers from the city and is a popular area among the locals and tourists...
Wat Saranat Thammaram, Rayong Wat Saranat Thammaram, Rayong
Near the turning point at km. marker 265 on Highway No. 3 is Wat Saranat Thammaram,
Sunthon Phu Monument, Rayong Sunthon Phu Monument, Rayong
The monument was built to commemorate Sunthon Phu, a leading poet in the early Rattanakosin era, two...
Laem Mae Phim, Rayong Laem Mae Phim, Rayong
This cape can be reach either from Sukhumvit Road by taking a right turn at km.
Ko Man Nai, Rayong Ko Man Nai, Rayong
This small island located approximately 5 kilometers off shore from Laem Mae Phim has been developed...
Hat Phayun and Hat Phala, Rayong Hat Phayun and Hat Phala, Rayong
Hat Phayun and Hat Phala are located approximately 32 and 34 kilometers respectively from the town o...
Namtok Klong Pla Kang, Rayong Namtok Klong Pla Kang, Rayong
Located some 3 kilometers from the National Park Office is this 7-tiered waterfall.
Khao Chamao - Khao Wong National Park, Rayong Khao Chamao - Khao Wong National Park, Rayong
This national park was established in 1975, covering an area of 52,300 rai. This lush forest with a ...
Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet National Park, Rayong Khao Laem Ya - Mu Ko Samet National Park, Rayong
Its major attractions include Mae Ramphueng Beach, Khao Laem Ya, and Samet Archipelago. The most fam...
Khao Laem Ya, Rayong Khao Laem Ya, Rayong
From this sunset viewpoint, comprising scrub forest and cape, it is possible to see Mae Ramphueng Be...
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